About Our Society

Augustine House is governed by the Augustine House Society, a not for profit charity created in November of 1992 from members of the Knights of Columbus Council 7916. Augustine House was completed and opened in August 2003.

Our Vision is to be the best all inclusive Retirement Community. As a not for profit Society, Our Mission is to offer a premium level of care, support and housing for seniors; providing respect, compassion and dignity in a safe and active retirement community.

We believe…

  • that our fundamental concern is a quest for excellence in the provision of accommodation, services and care for our residents;
  • in respect for the dignity and worth of individuals, be they residents, families, employees or other service providers;
  • that individuals have the right to accommodation and to receive services and care based on their unique needs and clinical diagnosis, regardless of creed, race, sex, sexual orientation, or religion;
  • that it is the responsibility of all involved to make every effort to ensure all residents receive the best possible service and care, with the utmost skill and efficiency, and with the greatest of personal consideration and tenderness;
  • that the health of an individual is holistic and includes physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being;
  • that residents must be afforded personal and informational privacy;
  • in evaluating the quality of services and care on an ongoing basis;
  • in the proper accountability and prudent expenditure of Society funds;
  • that long-range planning is an integral part of the organization, and necessary to accurately meet the needs of seniors;
  • that we should co-operate, promote and assist any other agencies with similar objectives in furthering services and care for seniors;
  • that the quality of services and care for seniors is related to the improvement of services achieved through education and research;
  • that as a major employer and consumer of goods and services, we are responsible to practice sound corporate citizenship through community and professional involvement and progressive employee relations programs.

From Conception to Completion

We are indebted to the Augustinian Order for their donation of four acres of land and the members of the Knights of Columbus Council 7916 for instituting the Augustine House Society, which led to the completion of Augustine House after thirteen years of meetings, planning, patience and persistence. This most comfortable home for seniors was completed in July 2003. As with many other fine buildings providing needed services, the path from its beginning, with an idea to its completion many years later, was not an easy one. The Society was formed in November 1990 by a group of members of the St. Augustine Council 7916 Knights of Columbus with the goal to provide a safe and comfortable home for local seniors on parish grounds.

The Society faced several hurdles over many years in the development of this retirement paradise including several rejections from the Agricultural Land Commission, conditions on approval from the Corporation of Delta and conditions to make every effort to preserve the Convent which was situated on the land where Augustine House now stands.

The Society’s persistence and resilience to build a retirement community that they felt was vital to the community was rewarded in December 1999 with approval from the Agricultural Land Commission who recognized the land had never been farmed and was appropriate for the “senior citizens housing development”. Mayor Lois Jackson and council approved the construction of Augustine House which was completed in July of 2003; nearly 14 years after the Knights of Columbus became committed to building a home for seniors.

Butterfly in our garden

The Society believes that their fundamental concern is the quest for excellence in the provision of accommodation, services and care for the residents holding the respect, dignity and worth of individuals in the highest regards.

For better retirement living Augustine House is focused on comfort for seniors. It is in a beautiful setting, bordering the monastery and close to the church and school and is now home to approximately 150 active seniors who have chosen to live here because of the beautiful, inviting, safe environment and the genuine and caring staff who choose to make a difference each and every day they grace the doors of the House.