Family Information


We believe that healthy relationships with Family and Friends are a critical part of aging successfully.

We value and embrace the diverse network of Family and Friends that become part of the Augustine House family when a Resident moves in.  Information to support Family during a transition is available through our diverse team and through our community partners.  We look forward to guiding you along this journey.

Family Caregivers of BC

The Family Caregivers of BC  provides support to family and friends who are caregivers, they provide a number of excellent resources.

The Alzheimer Society of British Columbia

The Alzheimer’s Society of BC offers a wide range of programs and workshops that support Seniors Living with Dementia, Families & Caregivers.

Fraser Health

Fraser Health is a partner of Augustine House in providing Subsidized Assisted Living services to seniors requiring personal care supports while living on a fixed income.

Augustine House awarded the Seal of Approval designation by BC Seniors Living Association

Augustine House has been awarded the Seal of Approval every year from 2011 to 2020

The Seal of Approval is a self-assessment and external review of five areas within a senior living community that assures the senior and their family the very best quality of services and care.

The assessment process details criteria within each of the five areas – Safety, Infection Control, Staff Training, Resident Services, and Assisted Living – which must be met in order to achieve and be awarded the designation.