Haven House Complex Residential Care

Haven House provides 24-hour nursing support with an individualized and personalized care plan that allows for aging in place, ensuring those residents who are no longer able to live independently remain in familiar surroundings.

Opening winter of 2022 – HAVEN HOUSE SOUTH – 12 Additional Long Term Care Suites. Please contact our Director of Care for more details.

Haven House is a secured home-like care area and is licensed under the “Community Care and Assisted Living Act”. In addition, Haven House allows couples the opportunity to remain close to one another in the event that one spouse should require more extensive care. Haven House is located on the ground floor of Augustine House and has an enclosed garden, a central living room, dining room and kitchen area where residents are encouraged to participate and contribute, to the best of their ability, in activities and decisions that affect their daily lives.

Residency Rates:

Haven House monthly residency rates start from $7,150.00. Other costs include Medication, Incontinence product and specialized seating. Please contact the Director of Care for more information.

Coming later this year, Haven House South which will offer 12 Additional Long Term Care Suites for a total of 24 Complex Care Suites.